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Our green vision

We are taking on new ecological and healthy living challenges - our ambitious vision is to reconcile social, economic and ecological concerns. That is why we are consistently focusing on sustainability and Made in Germany quality. Ecology has been firmly anchored in OBJECT CARPET's corporate DNA for over 40 years. We live and breathe environmental awareness, which is reflected in our sustainable actions with regard to materials, production and disposal. Our aim is to produce high quality, healthy and sustainable carpeting, tiles and rugs without leaving an ecological footprint.

Daniel Butz and Lars Engelke, Managing Directors OBJECT CARPET GmbH
Our vision became reality

"By 2024, we will bring all products into a circular process. For us, sustainability is both an obligation and a responsibility. For a healthy living and working environment."

The first circular carpet made of mono-material

Be healthy, be safe, be happy:

All OBJECT CARPET floor coverings ensure a healthy indoor climate. Our goal in developing new products is to create sustainable, healthy floor coverings. Today, we can proudly say that OBJECT CARPET produces carpets that are not only completely free of PVC and bitumen but also avoid all components that pose a health risk. Thus, carpets provide a tangible reason to breathe a sigh of relief: they measurably improve indoor air quality, bind fine dust and - in contrast to hard floors such as stone, laminate and parquet - demonstrably reduce the amount of fine dust in the air by more than 50%.


We have our products tested and certified by TÜV Nord in terms of suitability for allergy sufferers. The DAAB (Deutscher Allergiker- und Asthmaverbund e.V. (German Allergy and Asthma Association)) also recommends synthetic carpets for allergy and asthma sufferers. They also bear the "Blue Angel" seal of approval from the German Federal Environment Agency, which is recognized by environmentalists, because they are particularly low in emissions and protect health. Furthermore, carpets measurably reduce impact sound as well as sound levels and reverberation time.


For building certifications, a healthy indoor climate is of central importance for their evaluation in terms of sustainability. OBJECT CARPET products contribute significantly to the national and international certification standards of LEED®, BREEAM® and DGNB.

We live and breathe sustainability.

Producing durable, sustainable products with a very good life cycle balance is a continuous, natural process for us. Extensive development precedes every carpet production. We test many yarns and production methods. Only when all our requirements for the best possible quality, the utmost durability, environmental compatibility, and health have been met, does a product become available for sale. In doing so, we always have your sustainable projects and further development of our floor coverings, moving towards circularity, in mind.

All qualities in the PLACES OF ORIGIN collection - and a total of 75% of all OBJECT CARPET products - are made from 100% recycled materials as of 2021. Made with ECONYL® yarn, which is largely generated from discarded fishing nets. ECONYL® yarn is functionally equivalent to yarns made from the primary raw material oil. Compared with conventional yarn, the production of ECONYL® reduces water consumption by 15% – and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%. The goal is to manufacture all products from 100% recycled materials by 2024.

The host of EARTH is six-time Emmy award winner John Holden. He takes us, viewers, around the globe, highlighting in the inspiring series companies that are environmentally committed or those that are improving our life on our blue planet through their product innovations and advanced technologies.

Sustainable flooring made from plastic waste - in its current series, the US TV program EARTH depicts the sustainable story of the collaboration between OBJECT CARPET, AQUAFIL and HEALTHY SEAS.

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Zero Waste. Next Life!

Another step in the right direction. For a long time now, we have been working intensively on the question: how can we make floor coverings even more sustainable? Or how can we solve our disposal problems in an environmentally friendly way? The brilliant idea: production leftovers are given a "second life" as decoupling membranes for interior construction. OBJECT CARPET has thus succeeded in taking a further step towards a circular economy.


OBJECT CARPET faces the future head-on and energetically tackles problems. A useful new product is made from production and off-cuts: decoupling membranes for interior construction with high acoustic effectiveness. Learn more about Zero Waste. Next Life!