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Our circular vision for sustainable carpet solutions

Conventional carpets, which on average consist of over 30 different materials, pose an ecological challenge after use, as they can neither be efficiently separated nor completely recycled back into their original materials. However, recycling the materials is essential in order to avoid waste and conserve resources. This is a problem that OBJECT CARPET has been tackling for a long time and is intensively researching solutions.

After more than 10 years of development, in 2022, together with NIAGA, we succeeded in producing the world's first mono-material carpet made from 100% polyester: NEOO thus laid the foundation for implementing the company's circular vision. Now we are continuing on the path we have taken. The DUO technology is the next crucial piece of the puzzle on this path to a circular, design-oriented product world.


NEOO is the first circular mono-material carpet made of 100% polyester that outshines previous textile floor coverings in terms of its properties. A carpet with value, for a lifetime!


The new DUO key technology revolutionizes the entire range and enables full design freedom with just two base materials - polyamide and polyester.