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Environmentally friendly and healthy living.

OBJECT CARPET has been working for decades to optimize production processes in order to minimize environmental impacts and continuously improve our products. New requirements and potential for improvement through forward-looking developments are constantly incorporated into our work. Internal and external audits provide additional certainty about further development of all these measures. We do this for ourselves and, of course, for our customers.

Numerous tests by neutral testing institutes prove the high quality and environmental friendliness of OBJECT CARPET floor coverings. For example, the carpet manufacturer has been a member of the Gemeinschaft umweltfreundlicher Teppichböden e.V. (GuT) (Society for Environmentally Friendly Carpets) since 1992, whose aim is to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to ensure that carpets are free of harmful substances during production, as well as to ensure that the end product is uncontaminated. "As verified by our measures relating to production and certification, all OBJECT CARPET grades meet the requirements for use in DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) certified buildings."

In addition, all OBJECT CARPET grades have been awarded the CRI GREEN LABEL PLUS certificate. This makes them one of the group of textile floors with the lowest VOC emissions on the market and fulfils the requirement to be used in GREEN Label Plus, LEED and BREEAM certified buildings. They also make an important contribution to improving indoor air quality.

Certifications that set OBJECT CARPET textile floor coverings apart

Do you have questions about health and responsibility? OBJECT CARPET is happy to answer these questions and support you in your sustainable building projects. Get in touch with the OBJECT CARPET team.

DIN ISO Certification

With DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, OBJECT CARPET ensures effective and efficient quality management within the company. The standard is characterized by clear objectives, measurable results, appropriate resources, structured processes and their continuous improvement. By successfully implementing certified quality processes, OBJECT CARPET optimizes its products and services in line with customer requirements. This qualifies the company as a reliable partner in all matters.

TÜV Profi Cert

All OBJECT CARPET grades meet the specified requirements of the TÜV Professional Cert Plus procedure. This means that the following emission limits are observed: GUT, Blue Angel, DIBt, emission class A+ of the French VOC regulation (Decree n° 2011-321), Green Label Plus.

Blue Angel Quality Mark

Simply better: all our carpets bear the label „Blue Angel“ of the German Federal Environmental Agency and are proven to protect environment and health. The strict label is awarded by an independent jury and considers the whole life cycle of a product. Thereby the criteria extend considerably the legally defined standard.

Testing by GuT

Since 1992, OBJECT CARPET has been a member of the Community of Environmentally-Friendly Carpets (GUT), whose aim is to take appropriate measures to ensure zero-emission carpets during the production process, as well as an emission- free final product. In order to achieve this objective, the GuT association examines the manufacturing process and products through independent testing institutes.


Certification Low VOC Emission

All products of OBJECT CARPET are awarded with the CRI Green Label Plus certificate. This means that the tested floorings belong to the textile flooring class of the lowest VOC emissions available on the market and fulfil the requirements for their use in buildings certified as Green Label Plus and LEED. Thence it has been proven that all carpets significantly improve the indoor air quality.

Member of the DGNB (German Society for Sustainable Buildings)

In addition, OBJECT CARPET is a member of the German Society for Sustainable Building. The goal of this association is to promote sustainable and economically efficient construction. All OBJECT CARPET qualities meet the requirements for use in the LEED and DGNB certified buildings and thus contribute to achieving the legal standards for environmentally-friendly, resource-conserving and sustainable construction.

Testing by TÜV

All OBJECT CARPET floorings are made of allergenic-controlled material, voluntarily TÜV-tested and certified as „suitable for people suffering from allergies”.

Ecological Product Declaration

The Environmental Product Declaration EPD considers all important stages in the life of textile flooring: from cradle to factory gate, from factory gate to end of use, and from end use to end of life. In the carpet’s lifespan, all sensible recycling possibilities are taken into account and stated in the EPD.

French VOC-Label Emissions in Room Air

All OBJECT CARPET products belong to group A+ in accordance with the French classifications of emission products.

Testing by the TÜV

All OBJECT CARPET floorings are made of allergenic-controlled material, voluntarily TÜV-tested and certified as „suitable for people suffering from allergies”.