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Zero Waste. Next Life!


No junk, no waste. At OBJECT CARPET, we face the future head-on and tackle problems with great energy. Ecology has long been firmly anchored in our corporate DNA, which is reflected in our sustainable actions with regard to materials, manufacturing and disposal. Now, we are taking another important step towards the future. Our goal is to only bring circular products to the market by 2024. This means 100% recyclable designer carpets with no ecological footprint.

With Zero Waste. Next Life! we are already writing a success story. We have now succeeded in economically recycling 100% of the materials used in the production of carpet tiles into a single process. Their construction is specially designed for residue-free recycling. Our decoupling membrane is a product that gives production waste a second life cycle.

Production manager Heiko Kühnen has been with OBJECT CARPET for 30 years and has been involved with innovative manufacturing technologies that minimize the ecological footprint of designer carpets for decades. Even today, OBJECT CARPET premium products leave behind as little waste as possible.

All our products are hard-wearing and have a very long life cycle. The already large proportion of recycled materials that we use not only protects our environment, but the products made from them are also free from harmful emissions," explains Kühnen.

Ecology meets economy


We have recognized the opportunity that lies in seeing waste as a raw material. By developing a future-oriented recycling process for modern carpets, OBJECT CARPET reconciles ecology and economy - avoiding waste is part of our history. For over 20 years, we have been systematically looking for reuse and recycling solutions for yarns, production waste and packaging materials. Because, of course, our manufacturing process is not entirely free of production waste. Machines have to be adjusted and test runs are needed, for example.

At the end of an average year, there are approx. 400 t of production residues, which we now use to create a completely recyclable second-life product: decoupling membranes for interior construction. The innovation: a construction component is turned into a new, useful building product for your sustainable renovation projects without any loss. Therefore, the composition of the carpets and tiles was designed to contain recyclable materials without any toxic chemical compounds. This also eliminates the need for chemical recycling. As a result, 75% of all products in the entire OBJECT CARPET collection are made from 100% recycled yarn as of today. Our acoustic tiles have already been free of bitumen, latex and PVC since 2017 and can be 100% recycled as a secondary raw material. This enables us to give the materials used a second life cycle.


During the production of ACOUSTIC TILES, residues arise (finished product trim, edge waste, yarn remnants, test pieces, material adjustments, backing material, rejects).

The leftovers are collected, chopped up, shredded, then flaked. All of this is done mechanically, without the use of chemicals. The result: a so-called secondary raw material that consists of 100% of the materials brought in.

Stable mats are produced from the secondary raw material by applying heat and cold. Stable mats are produced from
the secondary raw material by applying heat and cold.

The mats are cut into panels. The new decoupling membranes are used for thermal and acoustic separation
in building construction (interior construction). In this way, a product from the construction industry becomes a building material again. After use, the decoupling membranes can be recycled again.

production surplus
Mechanical shredding of production surplus
secondary raw material
Heat pressing
decoupling membranes for use in construction
We make a new building product from a construction component, remaining in the same industry and with the same customers.
Decoupling membranes

Off-cuts and installation leftovers from the first product cycle are made into decoupling membranes for Second Life construction. These products are then used in building construction for thermal and acoustic separation. With the highly effective acoustically decoupling membrane, OBJECT CARPET is setting an important example for healthy and ecological construction. For example, the acoustic tile in combination with the Vitherm decoupling membrane from Vöwa ensures even better sound insulation.

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Green visions - In the near future, the first new product with infinite carpet life cycles will be released. "OBJECT CARPET is currently laying the foundations for a completely sustainable production cycle at its Krefeld site. Investments that pay off for the future in every respect," says Lars Engelke.


Shape the future! As a customer, purchasing an OBJECT CARPET means that you can be certain you are purchasing a 100% guaranteed recyclable product, thus doing your part in protecting the environment. Installers can now also help shape a green future and promote new life cycles by returning tile installation scraps. We would be happy to hear from you at

Great teamwork - the development team around Production Director Heiko Kühnen. The team was personally committed to the success of this.
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