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Textile floor coverings for an optimal room acoustics

Disruptive noises cause stress. This happens in both the living and working environments.

Textile floor coverings offer a solution: By consciously dividing the floor space of your building into work, rest and meeting areas and distinguishing them through different flooring – such as wall-to-wall carpets, carpet tiles or rugs – you can significantly improve sound insulation and reduce ambient noise. Textile flooring absorbs more noise than any hard floor. This is how cars, in cars, trains, aeroplanes and offices improve their soundproofing by having floors covered with carpets.

Due to the increasing popularity of open-plan offices and growing use of glass, steel and concrete, sophisticated acoustics planning is required. Since 2016, OBJECT CARPET has co-operated with the acoustics specialist YDOL. The goal of this co-operation is to implement a holistic design of room acoustics by using ceilings and walls for sound absorption.


To further improve the sound-absorbing effect of the textile floorings, OBJECT CARPET has developed a special secondary backing – WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus. This special backing coating reduces reverberation time by up to 40% compared with granolithic flooring and diminishes the sound of footsteps by up to 40 dB. This creates a relaxing atmosphere in every room. It is equipment with many integrated advantages.

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In addition to the sound absorption, the WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus backing offer the following advantages:

  • Carpet flooring needs only to be fixed. No solid gluing is necessary.
  • No additional underlays or pads need to be installed.
  • No odour nuisance caused by adhesives.
  • Existing floor is preserved.
  • High walking comfort - as a comfort underlay is already integrated in the backing.
  • Work environments are largely free of dust and dirt
  • After expiry of the carpet’s lifecycle - replacement is quick and clean with almost no dirt and dust.
  • Available both as broadloom and tiles
  • TÜV-tested suitability for allergy sufferers
  • Ideally suitable for quick renovation
  • Suitable for buildings certified by LEED and DGNB

Most of the OBJECT CARPET broadloom and Acoustic Tiles can be provided with WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus from orders of 200 sq.m and up. Do not hesitate to contact OBJECT CARPET today. The OBJECT CARPET team will gladly help you in developing the optimal acoustic solution for your project. All rugs make an impression with their high-quality, slip-resistant BlackThermo®Felt Acoustic Plus secondary backing – even in their standard version.

Please note: All OBJECT CARPET products marked with this icon are provided with WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus secondary backing already in their standard version.


The OBJECT CARPET team will gladly advise you. Together with you, we develop an acoustic solution tailored to your requirements.

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