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Technical solutions 

Whenever it comes to technical requirements and constraints, you can rely upon OBJECT CARPET. With one of the world's most extensive carpet collections, OBJECT CARPET fulfils almost any wish. However, extraordinary requirements also require more tailored and specific solutions. No matter whether your demands are more of a technical or artistic nature, OBJECT CARPET has the right solution for your project.

Revolutionary backing construction WELLTEX of acoustic tiles


WELLTEX is 30% lighter, very elastic and easy to install, easy to cut and process. In addition, as far as possible, all tile layers - from the wear layer to the base fabric to the fiber and filament formation including adhesive and cover fleece - are made from recycled materials that are particularly low in emissions.

So we have succeeded in developing a product that is completely free of bitumen, latex or PVC. In addition, we further optimize our ecological footprint with its new ease of transport.

"Climate" double flooring

When planning public buildings and open-plan large offices, the planners often rely on displacement ventilation with underfloor air distribution. This permanent ventilation through climate double floors inside the object has many advantages. The fresh air supplied from below provides comfortable, draught-free air conditioning and, furthermore, reduces acoustics-related problems due to the floor structure. For this purpose, the floor covering in the object has to be permeable. For these draught-free air-distribution systems, OBJECT CARPET offers a perforated substructure for broadloom and self-laying tiles. Instead of a secondary textile backing, the carpet webs or tiles are equipped with a special coating suitable for underfloor air distribution.

Advantages at a glance
  • Fresh air creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room
  • No draught air in the interior
  • Acoustically effective
  • Cost-efficient investment
  • Visually beautiful coverage of the air-permeable subfloor
  • Easily combinable witSh standard carpet tiles

Adhesive-free installation thanks to magnetic backing

Everywhere where rooms should be used for quick changing purposes, the flooring should also be especially flexible and adaptable. For such requirements, OBJECT CARPET tiles can be equipped with magnetic backing that allows it to be installed without being glued to the floor.  Consequently, they are suitable for all double-floor systems made of or laminated with sheet steel, currently available on the market. Thereby, the magnetic forces remain in the double floor. There is no magnetic effect on the carpet surface or the room. The magnetic coating allows for a fast, environmentally friendly and safe installation of the carpet flooring. The self-laying carpet tiles are absolutely non-slip. The can be easily removed or replaced.

Advantages at a glance
  • No bonding fixation or adhesives necessary
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Resistant against cleaning agents and suitable for underfloor heating systems
  • Extremely robust and dimensionally stable, bears loads from chair castors.
  • Huge time savings when installing the carpet tiles
  • Environmentally friendly and not harmful to health
  • Free of harmful emissions
  • A cost-effective investment for many years
  • Since no adhesive is required, no dirt; old carpets are easily removable and replaceable in a clean manner
  • No need to renovate the subfloor
  • The carpeted floor is fully walkable immediately after installation


WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus

Improve sound absorption with a special secondary backing! Does your project requires excellent acoustic values? For higher acoustic requirements, OBJECT CARPET developed a special secondary backing: WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus. The secondary backing reduces reverberation time by up to 40% compared with granolithic flooring and diminishes the footstep sound by up to  40 dB. The result: a quiet atmosphere in all rooms. There are many benefits behind this component. The special feature: WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus does not have to be glued - you need only to fix it! The backing structure facilitates the changing and removal of the carpet that may be necessary in the case of installation and maintenance work in the building. These are advantages that save time and money. Note: All OBJECT CARPET broadloom and tiles marked with this icon, are provided with WELLTEX® Acoustic Plus backing even in their standard versions. 

Advantages at a glance
  • Carpet flooring needs only to be fixed. No solid gluing is necessary
  • No additional underlays or pads need to be installed
  • No odour nuisance caused by adhesives
  • Existing floor is preserved
  • High walking comfort – as a comfort underlay is already integrated in the backing
  • Work environments are largely free of dust and dirt
  • After expiry of the carpet’s lifecycle – replacement is quick and clean with almost no dirt and dust
  • Available both as broadloom and tiles
  • TÜV-tested suitability for allergy sufferers
  • Ideally suitable for quick renovation
  • Suitable for buildings certified by LEED and DGNB

OC Protect

To ensure the longest lifecycle of the textile floorings, many OBJECT CARPET products are equipped with built-in invisible dirt and stain protection finish. This protection finish has the following effect: the dirt protection finish covers each individual carpet fibre with a fluorine-free, invisible skin. Thereby, the carpet becomes less sensitive to dirt and dust particles as well as liquids. The additional stain protection finish penetrates into the fibre and ensures protection against stains caused by colourants in food and beverages. The result: carpets become easier to vacuum-clean and to remove after the expiry of their lifecycle. Since the dirt is easier to remove, you will extend the lifecycle of your carpet for years to come. The service life is extended.

Advantages at a glance
  • Fluorine-free chemical protective layer
  • Prevents ingress of dirt particles and stain substances
  • Repels water and fluids
  • Makes the carpet fibres smooth and supple
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Extends the carpet life