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WELLTEX®. The new generation of textile flooring


The healthy and ecological carpet backing WELLTEX® for the new generation of all Acoustic Tiles from OBJECT CARPET is the result of our intensive development work.

WELLTEX® is free of bitumen, PVC and latex. Extremely low-odour and without disease-causing chemicals – proved by the "Blue Angel” test seal.


70% of all products of the OBJECT CARPET collection are made of recycled ECONYL®- yarn, which is produced of industry waste and fisher nets.


WELLTEX® partly consists of recycled material. Each tile is a lightweigth - less weight means lower transportation costs and less CO2 emissions!!


Acoustic Tiles equipped with WELLTEX® ensure much better acoustic values than conventional tiles.


The new, more elastic tile is easier to fit than traditional tiles. You need not apply much force and no bitumen is smudged on your cutter.


Shaping spaces for the individual case: SL-Tiles, broadloom, or rugs – everything from a single source, for effi cient service and creative solutions.

This innovation is not only completely free of bitumen, latex and PVC and improves indoor climate, but also acoustically even more effective than common Tiles. Moreover, it is made of recycled materials and particularly environment friendly. Our goal is a floor completely without ecological footprint. Today, OBJECT CARPET products already leave the absolute minimum of waste on our planet. Avoid waste, save resources, and reduce emissions – everywhere you can! For such results, we have been awarded many times. All our carpets bear the "Blue Angel" quality seal of the German Federal Environment Agency, meaning they protect environment and health.

People’s health and well-being are the focus of our product development. A healthy climate in the room – especially at the workplace – is of a fundamental importance, since the best performance can only be achieved in a healthy environment. Current studies and investigations – for example, the World Green Building Council – show that a low-quality indoor air impairs performance of people working in buildings by 8-11 percent. It is proved by researches, that disturbing noise at workplaces causes illness and productivity losses even by 30 percent. That is why all our products ensure above-average values with regard to acoustics.

The motto “BACK FOR THE FUTURE” stands for our holistic goal: to develop and manufacture products which are 100% sustainable and recyclable. This is no vague promise, but a concrete goal on which we, OBJECT CARPET, work together along with many other creative minds from different branches and disciplines on a daily basis. 

Currently, 70% of the newly developed textile fl oorings from OBJECT CARPET are made of recycled ECONYL®-yarn manufactured from industrial waste and fi shing nets.

Simply better, simply: Made in Germany. New requirements and improvement potential by pioneering developments are constantly incorporated into our work. In line with the motto: Be healthy. Be safe. Be happy. Just Be!


WELLTEX® – For a better room climate. 

Free of bitumen, latex, and PVC and consistently without illness-causing chemicals – this is the new carpet tile back WELLTEX®, featuring low-odour and low-emission. Low-weight saves transportation costs, is fl exible and easy-to-fi t. Not visible, but big in effect!

All 48 OBJECT CARPET tile-qualities – the complete collection of OBJECT CARPET – are equipped with the WELLTEX® innovative back. 



All of these certifi cations distinguish Object Carpet products as environmentally-friendly and medically-compatible.

Advantages at a glance
  • Health: WELLTEX is free of bitumen, PVC and latex. Extremely low-odour and without disease-causing chemicals – proved by the "Blue Angel” test seal
  • Environment: WELLTEX is partly made of recycled material
  • Weight and Transport: Each tile weighs only 3.5 kg – and thus 30% lighter. Less weight means less transportation costs and less CO2 emissions!
  • Laying: The laying of the more elastic tile is easier than with traditional tiles – without much effort and no bothersome blurring of bitumen layers
  • Shaping Spaces for the individual case: The carpet tiles are also available as broadloom or RUGX