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All orange everything: OBJECT CARPET at SIXT Headquarters in Pullach


The refurbishments have breathed life into the premises, transforming them into bright office spaces that make it possible for employees to engage in open communication, yet that also allow for more focused work. The design concept centers around one key feature: A selection of different photo wallpapers capture a diverse range of impressions of nature, bringing each individual room to life in a special way. They depict, for example, a shoal of silver mackerel glistening in the sunlight, a dense deciduous forest, or a herd of black water buffalo. These scenes are complemented by lifelike figures that can be assigned to these habitats, such as a great white shark with its mouth wide open or a grizzly bear standing on its hind legs.


As an extra touch of detail, the brand’s signature color – orange – is used throughout, and reflects the company’s dynamism, innovative strength, and focus on a modern working culture. This extends from individual walls and the fabric covers for the privacy screens right through to the stylized animal tracks, which are dotted across the ceilings of all the rooms. The POODLE 1400 carpet by OBJECT CARPET is also orange, and is used both to cover the whole floor space in one of the meeting rooms and as a geometric accent pattern in the open-plan office. With its expressive surface texture featuring a range of different pile fibers, shag is a real visual highlight and provides comfort and a cozy, distinguished ambience. This also applies to the other rooms, where it is also closely coordinated with the respective color schemes of the interior elements: sometimes in a subtle grey, a soft green, or a cool sea blue.


As an excellent sound absorber, POODLE dampens background noise, which considerably improves concentrated work, especially in open office spaces. Bitumen- and PVC-free with reduced odor and emissions, it also helps ensure that the indoor and working climate are healthy and environmentally sound.

Interior design: APOprojekt GmbH
Photography: Boris Storz


Yvonne Schumacher
Press Director

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