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Plankx weiß

PLANKX take their inspiration in the diverse facets of life to breathe a unique personality into each of your rooms.

Stefanie Nellesen Product Design

The textile design plank in 100 x 25 cm lets us redefine designer surfaces. Easy and quick to install, the innovative PLANKX create a distinctive feel-good ambiance in your hotel, office or shop. Their trend-setting design combines the advantages of textile floor surfaces with the expressiveness of designer flooring. Unlike customary designer surfaces they are PVC-free.

Qualities of the Plankx collection


PLANKX achieve their authentic look through photographic quality reproduction using CMYK printing. The surfaces typical of each material are reinterpreted time and again in an interplay with their textile structure. The lifelike patina of aged wood, weathered stone or concrete recreates the intrinsic value and beauty that is the embodiment of genuineness. A seamless optical impact or graphic effects become an incisive statement of identity and prepare the floor for distinctive happenings. With practical staging of areas of the room, PLANKX combines the functional challenges of architecture with remarkably independent aesthetics in a novel way. Whether in subtle elegance or abstract expressiveness, they give each room a special flair. PLANKX grant designers leeway to express their ideas through a nearly unlimited range of possible surfaces.


Discover our 7 different designs and expand your creative range! PLANKX are held in place only lightly so that they can be placed easily and are removable for renovation projects on existing floors or in store layouts for designing promotional areas. Their 25 x 100 cm format ensures quick placement and minimal scrap even when rooms are not orthogonally shaped.


PLANKX represent a perfect synthesis of robust durability, enhanced comfort underfoot, optimization of room acoustics and appealing aesthetics that sets new standards. Top-quality printing technology means the textile design planks offer the entire range of authentic looks and graphic patterns: whether wood, stone or industrial flooring. These expressive materials create a sense of well-being, as well as new sensory language drawing on an interplay of visual and tactile effects. Inspirational design - coupled with comfort underfoot and acoustic comfort typical of carpets - means that PLANKX is ideally suited for elegant entryways and for contemporary working space, meeting rooms or quiet spaces to retreat to: their nearly unlimited range of possible surfaces enable these innovative textile planks to offer any degree of accentuation or uniformity that may be desired.


The backing structure of PLANKX is environmentally sustainable thanks to its recycling ratio. For acoustically sensitive areas, their additional acoustic features enhance absorption of sound. PLANKX provide planners with solutions to the main requirements of our times: optimum efficiency, a sense of vitality and indulgence. Would you like to find out more? Our individual contact people are glad to be of service.


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