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Kathrin and Mark Patel

The textile flooring of the future is paper-thin, extremely resilient, environmentally friendly and incredibly beautiful

Kathrin and Mark Patel

A new generation of tiles

FREESTILE is a SL tile of the next generation presented by OBJECT CARPET. Thanks to an innovative and exceptionally flat weaving technique, the new carpet tile exhibits a modern, modest and extremely hard surface while maintaining the benefits of carpet flooring in terms of health and walking comfort.

This is because the FREESTILE collection is not only as durable and modest as hard floors, but also ensures the proven advantages of a textile woven surface. This includes not least the improvement of room acoustics – up to 20% compared to other hard floors. Moreover, a very high level of walking comfort makes the textile floor a popular interior solution.


Amazingly harmonious

16 intelligent designs, each in 4 hues, open exciting possibilities for interior designers. For designers Kathrin and Mark Patel, historical cultural cities were a source of inspiration. From Antwerp to Tokyo via Marrakech and back.

And what is the trick here? Cutting the large-scale designs into individual 50 x 50 cm tiles and the subsequent free merging of the tiles results in an always new overall picture that plays with the established visual conventions. The exceptional colour intensity of this material is created by a unique printing technology on a newly developed woven structure. The tiles laid freely and without repeating pattern create such a multi-dimensional character that underlines the unique nature of the design. The effect is breathtaking, unique and individual – since the variety of combinations is unlimited and no floor is similar to the other.


The new generation already won 9 national and international awards for their outstanding performance:

  • unique through the free arrangement of tiles without pattern repeating
  • Each floor surface becomes a unique object
  • brilliant colours through a newly developed digital printing process
  • innovative, extremely durable web structure
  • particularly suitable for highly frequented areas
  • easy to clean and low inflammability
  • luxurious, finely structured surfaces
  • uniquely thin and flexible in its ease of laying
  • can be combines with the WEB FLEX collection

Free from conventions, free from harmful substances

FREESTILE is the first choice – and not only in the long term. OBJECT CARPET intentionally took an unusual path to bring a carpet tile on the market, which sets new quality standards in high-traffic areas. Such a thin, durable and easy-to-fit product never existed on the market before.

Last but not least, OBJECT CARPET is aware of environmental friendliness and sustainability when designing its products. For textile components, it uses only PET as raw material, which can be recycled after the product’s lifecycle.

  • free of PVC and bitumen 
  • suitable for allergies (tested and certified by TÜV) 
  • reduction of the fine dust content (GUI certificate) 
  • low emission (tested and certified by the DIBT) 
  • low odour (GUT tested and certified) 
  • improvement in the room acoustics and reduction of footfall noise 
  • fibre material from 100 % PET (100% recyclable) 
  • newly developed digital printing without the use of water and a drying process 
  • simple laying without fixed gluing 
  • luxurious walking comfort through integrated comfort underlay
  • suitable for DGNB and LEED certified buildings

With FREESTILE, an new secure and environmentally friendly solution is created both for residential and commercial buildings. 100 per cent PET. 100 per cent recyclable and 100 per cent unexpected.

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