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Less is more! - Photographer Andreas Hoernisch in interview

Andreas, you’ve been an integral part of the creative team at OBJECT CARPET for several years now. Your inspired photography speaks for itself. How did the cooperation with OBJECT CARPET come about?
Do you want to hear the real story? Two friends of mine, mums I met at the nursery, gave me the tip and put me in touch with Object Carpet’s marketing department. This unusual introduction quickly gave birth to the “STYLE” collection book. That was back in 2006. Since then, we’ve consistently been developing new projects with Object Carpet. I really appreciate the high level of creative freedom – a fantastic collaboration!

My mantra: It’s only truly yours if you can repair it yourself.
About ...

The 57-year-old photographer Andreas Hoernisch is a trained light photographer and lives in Upper Bavaria. His favorite colors in architecture are light earthy tones, as they remind him of natural building materials. For interior design, he prefers shades of grey and white. His great passion is to cultivate and express his idiosyncrasies.


Is photography your dream job?
I can say with absolute certainty: yes. Not least due to the countless beautiful projects I’ve been able to realise for Object Carpet in tandem with the great concept artist and stylist Natascha Sanwald.


Natascha and I have been a duo for almost two decades. Working together for such a long time we’ve developed a strong sense of trust and mutual appreciation for each other’s work – blind trust, so to speak. Which has resulted in wonderful, tranquil images produced in small teams. With a high level of independence and mostly outside the mainstream. Images unlike anything created by advertising strategists or agencies. I’d say that’s an invaluable benefit for everyone involved. Both for our customers and for us.

How did you get into professional photography and what makes the profession so exciting for you?Originally the my plan was to become a vet, but then came the final exams... And I didn’t exactly get straight A’s.  But photography was always an option for me. My father was a photographer himself and he fostered my passion for the craft from an early age. I began my training in Munich in the mid-1980s. Self-taught at first, followed by 3 years as an assistant for S.F.B. Dietrich. A master of light. A stint at the Bavarian Academy of Photography gave me even more insight into the tricks of the trade. With this know-how under my belt, I quickly realised how multifaceted, exciting and constantly evolving this profession is. That impression hasn’t changed to this day. 



What was your favourite OC moment or best OC photo shoot?
A shoot for the Matteo Thun collection on Herreninsel island in Lake Chiemsee. We used projections to create magnificent backdrops in a wing of Herrenchiemsee Palace that was under construction. The entire photography team spent the nights at a hotel on charming Fraueninsel island that was closed to the public. In the morning we took the small ferry to Herreninsel cruising through the morning autumn fog. An indescribable feeling. Moments of bliss before work. Experiences like that really inspire the whole team.


What subjects do you particularly like to shoot?
A subject needs to tickle my interest. Ideally, fascinate me. If that’s the case, everything is possible.



What’s so special about carpets for you?
The way it changes the acoustics when you walk through a room, the softness or even the robustness, for example with the OC product “SCOR”.


What distinguishes an outstanding photo for you? Can you share any tips for taking a great photo?
Less is more.


Is your vocation also your private hobby or what do you do in your free time?
My heart also beats for working with wood and steel. I make most of my own furniture and furnishings. I even built the windows for my small natural stone house in the Marche.

Fotoshooting CRYPTIVE 1800
FLASH 1440

The latest product photography by Andreas Hoernisch for OBJECT CARPET