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PLACES OF ORIGIN - – visions of green become a reality

PLACES OF ORIGIN combines the practical advantages of acoustic tiles with the aesthetics of broadlooms. The elegant high-low structures mean that the connecting edges are less visible. The large-scale, multidirectional patterns create random formations that look organic and are surprisingly coherent when the 50 x 50 cm acoustic tiles are laid. The heterogeneous arrangement of the patterns creates an authentic feeling of nature, which further accentuates the sustainability aspect. The look and structure of the carpets create a fascinating symbiosis between urban and natural.

The carpet tile back is largely made from recycled PET and is PVC-free and bitumen-free. OBJECT CARPET’s resolute mission to follow ecologically conscious paths is also evident in the decision to dispense with odorants and harmful emissions. As a result of their light weight and resulting low CO2 emissions, the holistically recycled carpet tiles make an important contribution to a healthy indoor climate. The high-quality tufting technology ensures an extra voluminous feel that also enhances walking comfort and softens acoustics. Optics and functionality both impress – an overall picture with a wow effect!

The cut-loop quality of FUSION is reminiscent of a melting pot of the most diverse and natural floor structures. The delicate design features a high-low pattern and creates exciting accents.

The interplay between high and low in the MOVE x GROOVE loop construction makes the surface look like it’s moving. The carpet gives the impression of undulating playfully in the room and is always within easy reach, versatile and appealing in its effect.

The random pattern for NEWCON undulating gently and vividly on the surface. The loop quality conveys exclusive comfort not only through its special surface appearance, but also thanks to the high-quality tufting technology that ensures optimum comfort.

Inspired by the energy of expressive jungle landscapes, the XPOSIVE loop style offers a robust texture in a colour spectrum ranging from monochrome to high-contrast and has a flowing surface effect. Whether it is classic and understated or vibrantly expressive, XPOSIVE makes a statement and can be integrated into a wide variety of room concepts.

770 und 740 MOVE × GROOVE
1853 und 1852 NEWCON
1840 und 1843 XPOSIVE

Yvonne Schumacher
Press Director

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