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INTENSIVE GRACE by OBJECT CARPET: opulent elegance for hotels, restaurants and shops

A dark, chic intensity and a refined sense of value are the hallmarks of INTENSIVE GRACE’s distinctive look, reflecting a need to feel cosy and secure and a desire for opulence in everyday life. Expressive, maximalist furnishing concepts inspired by Art Deco architecture are suitably accentuated through this style world in a way that makes them cosy and approachable. 

Sophisticated gemstone-inspired shades such as MYSTIC PETROL, AUBERGINE and DARK BLUE set a charismatic tone, while mellow ROUGE, SOFT BROWN and RUSTY RED give off a calming warmth. Combined with DUSTY SILVER and GOLDEN YELLOW, they spark energising contrasts and a refreshing nonchalance. Lilac-grey shades and smooth cashmere strike a perfect balance and ensure harmony amidst all the nuances. 

However, OBJECT CARPET’s design carpets have much more than just majestic colours to offer: the INTENSIVE GRACE style world also boasts workmanship of the highest quality. Velvety-smooth materials give the surface a lively, shimmering look and a soft touch that invites a feeling of well-being. 

In hotels and restaurants, INTENSIVE GRACE’s thrilling contrasts create the perfect atmosphere for a cosmopolitan clientele seeking high-end conviviality and spaces where they can retreat. Recent examples include the W Hotel in Dubai, La Visione in Stuttgart and the Laurichhof designer hotel in Pirna, which are given a unique flair thanks to the carpets from OBJECT CARPET and their outstanding design. 

In the La Visione restaurant, INTENSIVE GRACE creates a snug and cosy ambiance with the wow factor, generating a vibrant interplay between high-impact colours and striking materials. The creations from OBJECT CARPET and the Ippolito Fleitz Group, such as DEAL × FEEL and SKILL × CHILL, will bring vivid colours to any room design and guarantee a homelike atmosphere. 

With its opulent charm, INTENSIVE GRACE is also tailor-made for a hotel setting: set amidst the breathtaking skyline, Dubai’s Hotel W is not only spectacular to look at from the outside – impressive creations also await inside, inspired by the unique elements of Arabian culture. The combination of strong colours, lively floral prints and mysterious  ornamentation offers a genuine feast for the senses.

The carpets from flooring specialist OBJECT CARPET are also bringing their sense of luxury and their extraordinary, eye-catching touches to the Laurichhof design hotel. Designs such as FREESTILE MARRAKESH and RUGXSTYLE VENICE give themed suites a dramatic look.

With INTENSIVE GRACE, OBJECT CARPET is proving once again that the Denkendorfbased carpet specialist is top of the pile when it comes to exclusive design, exceptional quality and maximum comfort.



Yvonne Schumacher
Press Director