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Collection overview

OBJECT CARPET x Ippolito Fleitz Group


Right from the very beginning, our understanding of collaboration was that together we kneel on the carpet but have our heads out in the world.

Lars Engelke - Managing Director, OBJECT CARPET

As a collection that thinks in new spaces...

Carpets lay the foundation for a room’s atmosphere. For its mood, its effect, its purpose at meetings, chats, sales and during times for quiet contemplation. From this perspective has come a collection in collaboration with the multidisciplinary design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group, that thinks beyond surface typologies: With 8 qualities and 111 colours, with diverse structures and surfaces, with desire and passion. But free of pollutants and emissions.

Qualities of the OBJECT CARPET x Ippolito Fleitz Group collection

Intense process, inspiring atmosphere.

Sensuality, cosiness and a sense of security that textile floor coverings can convey were the linchpin for the experts in terms of spatial atmosphere. Textures and colours were created, tested and combined as early as the design phase, and their effects were played with. The material and colour collages featured shaggy sheepskin next to fine raw silk and coarse raffia, trendy nail varnish next to bright Yves Klein blue. Three long years of experiments and tests in the colour laboratory, the creation of new structures and product development took place, because there were a number of hurdles to overcome in terms of technical feasibility. The result is impressive.


The collection at a glance: Think in new rooms with Skill x Chill.

Even the product names of the collection can tell you something about the potential areas of use. But it gets even more interesting when you grab, stroke, rub products such as SKILL x CHILL, FLOW x GLOW or HIGHS x SIGHS and mentally unroll them in new rooms. Side by side, one behind the other on the floor, wall, as an acoustic element on the ceiling. They characterize feeling, mood and atmosphere of the respective look. The colour variations, from subtle natural to experimental, play a decisive role. Like a new outfit, their interplay changes the visual effect of the carpet and thus creates the prerequisites for use in different rooms - from the sleeping area in a hotel room to a lounge, from educational institutions to a prestigious office. The versatile carpets unfold an independent effect paired with a combinability that can also shape the atmosphere of the entire building.


Well thought-out structures and all product types create unlimited freedom​

The new carpet collection fascinates with an incomparable, consistent joy of combination in colors, structures and materials. All qualities are available as wall-to-wall and fitted carpets (RUGX), and many of them also as flexible and light Acoustic Tile.


Intended sustainably.

With a variety of structures and surfaces, the new collection now also offers all possibilities and benefits when it comes to sustainability. Always free of pollutants and emissions. All carpets are washed and bind fine dust. Made of 100% recycled ECONYL® yarn.


​Experience the collection: As a short film, book, visit.

Carpets float and meander through the entire room, winding, forming bridges, flowing back to the ground ... This is the impressive experience of a fascinating room installation...

Open the flap for the short film "Escapade" and the installation as virtually walkable 360°-VR Experience