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Kathrin and Mark Patel

RUGXSTYLE: impressive design and functionality – and innovative in sustainability

Kathrin and Mark Patel

An excitingly revamped take on our FREESTILE line

Surprises often occur when – and where – you’re least expecting them. Though basing carpet on a revised take on our highly successful (due to high demand) FREESTIlE Collection may seem like an obvious step, making a product whose design and functionality are unique wasn’t at all obvious at first glance. The Freestile Collection meets Object Carpet’s high standards, thanks to the outstanding work done by our designers Kathrin and Mark Patel – who’ve created a carpet that has an identity all its own.

Round or square: as a leading individual piece or in pioneering combination. RUGSTYLE is a compellingly appealing product, particularly from a visual standpoint. Six different, characterful designs, each in two colours and available in three sizes: 

  • rectangular: 200 x 300 cm 
  • rectangular: 180 x 250 cm 
  • round: diameter 200 cm

Soft look – robust floor covering

RUGSTYLE is all about polar opposites that necessitate a new point of view: a soft look on one hand, a robust floor covering on the other. Each pair of rugs creates contrasts between either dark versus light nuances, or in terms of their colour schemes. Round and angular rugs form opposites as well. What’s the upshot of all this? Design opportunities that stoke the imagination. Individually placed RUGSTYLE carpets become eye-catchers. Combining them with each other or their interaction with other OBJECT CARPET qualities allows division of rooms into zones and areas. Such zones are especially important in shops, hotels or large offices: they create aesthetic relations and have a positive effect on room atmosphere.

Tremendous properties

The extremely flat high-tech fabric scores points not only with its artful elegance, but also with high comfort values: 

  • free of PVC and bitumen
  • suitable for allergies (tested and certified by TÜV) 
  • reduction of the fine dust content (GUI certificate) 
  • low odour (GUT tested and certified) 
  • improvement in the room acoustics and reduction of footfall noise 
  • fibre material from 100 % PET (100% recyclable) 
  • newly developed digital printing without the use of water and a drying process 
  • luxurious walking comfort through integrated comfort underlay 
  • suitable for DGNB and LEED certified buildings

Its special structure ensures that its improved acoustic properties remain stable for many years. The high density and the thermo-fixing of the backing coating provide longevity and ensure that the carpet is ideally suitable for strongly frequented building areas.


When it comes to the need for responsible environmental and resource stewardship, producing floor coverings that are compatible with a PET recycling process makes good sense. But unfortunately, this concept is still not widely applied.Thus the motto “Create the unexpected” also has ecological ramifications. OBJECT CARPET RUGX STYLE has given me a perspective of the overall concept that joins innovative design, highest commercial value and environmental compatibility. The full textile covering is free of PVC and bitumen and almost odour and emission free. Recyclable and free of toxic substances: these are attributes that make RUGSTYLE the gold standard when it comes to both residential living quality and sustainability over the long haul.

Qualities of the RUGXSTYLE collection
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