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SEHW and LXSY Architekten


"The city as a patchwork carpet"

Xavier Egger, Managing Director of SEHW architecture chose LXSY Architects as his 'godchildren' and provided the following task to the young office in Berlin:

The city of Berlin is a patchwork rug. The city space offers opportunities for a wide range of stakeholders. Here people live, work and meet. Analyse and occupy a city space of your choice as a patchwork carpet!” Kim Le Roux, Margit Sichrovsky and Nathalie Coulombex did not need to be told twice, because their office is based on a commitment to environmental awareness and culture and stands for meaningful architecture that creates living and working conditions, bringing people together and founding identities.  With foresight and social commitment, they targeted their efforts at an integrated and sustainable living space.   

SEHW Architektur (Xaver Egger)
LXSY_neues Teambild
LXSY Architekten (Kim Le Roux, Margit Sichrovsky)

Potsdamer Strasse, affectionately called “the Potse", is a place of contrasts and dissonances. It is loud and unapproachable at the same time. On the one hand, it is a troubled inner city and, on the other hand, it has a hip urban flair.  There are both galleries and sex shops, chic restaurants and kebab huts, luxury homes and stay-for-a-hour hotels all right next to each other – so many patches without carpet. 

But with small interventions in public spaces, we weave a carpet of these patches: a carpet made from different cultures, claims, epochs, and biographies, knitted with the desires and dreams of its inhabitants.  This is a carpet that prepares a basis for encounter and engagement, for retreat and community, for the slow and the fast."


From left to right: Eike Becker (Eike Becker_Architekten, Berlin), Kim Le Roux and Margit Sichrovsky (LXSY, Berlin), Yves Reinacher (LYRA Architekten, Zürich), Jan Störmer (Störmer Murphy and Partners, Hamburg), Johanna Meyer-Grobrügge (Berlin), Xaver Egger (SEHW, Berlin)

This approach embodies the Shaping Spaces motto and adds social and cultural contents to it. Thank you, LXSY!

First recorded in the documentation book "Forever Young" from 2006, Xavier Egger from SEHW chose a great quote: "From the generosity of a new building, we may deduce that it brings thoughts, great ideas and great products. Petty buildings house petty thoughts.” John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937)

This generous way of thinking has proven itself at SEHW.  Now, 12 years later, the office founded in 1996 has about 50 employees in multiple locations. No matter whether stone or glass, box or blob, metal or wood, straight or round: SEHW constantly searches for an answer to the question of how we human beings will live in the future, and how to creatively implement it in our architecture.  The patchwork carpet made from different cultures, claims, epochs and biographies, knitted with the wishes and dreams of the city inhabitants is a connecting approach of both Berlin offices.  SEHW wishes the young office LXSY "games, fun, and excitement" for the future!