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RAISERLOPES and why the friday


SPACE. Do your thing

RAISERLOPES assigned the young architects from Darmstadt the following impromptu task:
create a concept for pop-ups and temporary use. For small pavilions in the city, a variable furniture system should be designed, which can be used in a multitude of applications. Attract and engage artists, designers, and other creative people in the old city! Make the street scene lively!

Both studio owners, Annika Jung and Ruben Löbbert responded to this task assignment by designing of a multi-functional furniture system that carries enormous relevance in times of strong sustainability awareness across society:

"Three people, three uses – and your solution can be part of it! Decide for yourself and create your own room design by utilising minimalistic elements. You will receive a closed block of four furniture elements which you can move and rotate as you like. Don't worry: the rotating frame protects them against scratches and allows for a good grip! Furniture is a new frontier for carpet use. You create a simple and perfectly matched contrast of soft texture and smooth surface. The attractiveness of the name and a trendy colour entices you to share your room with blueberry ALLURE!"

RAISERLOPES (Kristina Lopes, Hartmut Raiser)
why the friday (Ruben Löbbert, Annika Jung)

With this design, ‘why the friday’ underlines its creative approach to combine product and interior architecture design in their solution:

„Our design studio has managed the task with good sound, tasty coffee and love of Hessian wordplay. To think differently and to attract attention: our studio appeals to those who want to move forward with the aid of good design. As you hear from common talks in the city, we only do the things we enjoy. Behind our marketing strategies, such as word of mouth, and social media presences, such as Facebook and Instagram, there is real work and development of new designs for our customers’ locations time and again. We are fully dedicated to our idea of combining interior and product design, since we always look at a room as the whole.“ 

why the friday? why not?

RAISERLOPES’s philosophy

The patron, the RAISERLOPES architectural office, was founded in 1988 by Hartmut A. Raiser, right after he finished his architecture studies. Together with his wife Kristina Lopes, he has continued this business under the name RAISERLOPES architects//interior designers since 1998. The focal points of their successful work are designing interiors which meet requirements for specific functional and representative purposes, as well as the construction and revitalization of private apartments and houses.

RAISERLOPES acts according to the motto: today less is still more.


The wishes Hartmut Raiser has sent the creative young architects on the rise have spoken for themselves:

 "I congratulate this young office and wish them, first and foremost, many great projects, interested clients and many good ideas. And also patience, time, and composure, since haste make waste. I also wish from my heart that they have enquiring minds and always desire something new: to leave old ways and step onto untrodden paths, to dare to bushwhack and discover new glades. Your 'godfather' Hartmut wishes you good luck!"

We thank both partners for their commitment and impressive design work.