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OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten and dagli atelier d’architecture


„Bring live into the city“

OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten chose Dagli Atelier d’architecture as a ‘godchild’ and issued the following challenge to the winner of multiple international architecture prizes:

"Bring life to the city! On the Nymphenburg Castle Canal, a boring space and covered by tourists and locals, public swimming baths should be created with a couple of swimming lanes. The starting point would be a small bath house with a bathing jetty and kiosk to get swimming trunks and, of course, beer."

Then Turkan Dagli designed a bath house, providing for temporary use of such facilities in summer months. This was in the full tradition of the year 1792 as Elector Karl Theodor opened the Nymphenburger Park for the public. The bath house is standing right in front of the baroque backdrop of the Nymphenburg Palace with its lush splendour. It takes up the typical features of baroque architecture and conceptually interprets the baroque trend to present the elements, aiming at peace and unity in an exaggerated way. With this intention, the trend is re-interpreted with lush textiles hangings from pastel pink velvet on the ceilings of the bathing pavilion. The dressing areas, with their soft shapes, are clothed with SMOOZY, the exceptionally luxurious shag with an extremely velvety feel. The smooth carpet made of incredibly elaborate yarn gives the interior its incomparable baroque luxurious charm.

We are really wowed by the sensuousness of this design! This re-interpretation makes you long for a fine and relaxing summer!

OSA OCHS SCHMIDHUBER ARCHITEKTEN (from left to right: Georg Balk, Fabian Ochs, Julia Senfter, Florian Schmidhuber, Steven Welland, Thomas Fechtner)
dagli atelier d’architecture (Türkan Dagli)

The godparents OSA, the owner-run architecture office in Munich, focus their creativity on improving the quality of life in urban areas. With striking curiosity and a high personal commitment to their mission, this architectural office works towards creating a high-quality city image. 

The young architects’ office Dagli atelier d'architecture, located in Luxembourg, embodies philosophical and conceptual architecture. Its foundress, Turkan Dagli, and her partner, Mathias Eichhorn, have a special knack for combining old and new. For this, the newcomers have already won numerous international architecture prizes, in particular, recognition as one of the “10 Best Architects”, the iF Award, and the Contract World Award 2010.

Philosophy of dagli atelier d'architecture

"Did Poppaea invent a veil for a purpose other than to offer her lovers her beauty for a higher price?"

Michel de Montaigne (1533 - 1592)

We are curious to see whether this approach to cooperation can be seen in Munich one day. OSA and Dagli – a duo that brings life into the city! OSA’s wish to the young architectural office: "We hope you will always be too expensive to buy!"