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JOI-Design and Querkopf Architekten


“The human, soft and textile bathroom”

“Within a typical bathroom, surrounded by ceramics, tiles, enamelled sheet metal, glass and natural stone, one feels naked and vulnerable: such hard materials do not invite body contact. Of course, the practical aspects of these materials is undeniable, in particular, because they are water-resistant and easy to clean. But not all surfaces in a bathroom must be water-resistant and washable…and even if they must – perhaps there are potential textile solutions, or those which at least engage with the tactile physicality of the human body?” It was with this in mind that JOI Design had mapped out its task!

This was followed by a stylish en-suite bathroom designed by the "youngsters" Fionn Moegel and Wasfy Taha! Cool concrete was paired with a haptic, tangible counterpoint – soft ruffled FRIZZLE carpet – to create a harmonious aesthetic combination in the Blue Moon colour. The transition from the bathroom to the bedroom dominates the centre of the unique ambience – skillfully embellished by organically arranged geometric squares.

Congratulations to this successful design! The combination of heterogeneous materials and their different applications awakens a fascinating sensuality. The original carpeting solution brings the “Shaping Space” topic to the point – with charm and elegance

We are happy that this great match emerged thanks to “YOUNG. YOUNGER. FOREVER YOUNG” and the first breezy meeting took place in the course of the Road Show in Hamburg!

JOI-Design (Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, Peter Joehnk)
Querkopf Architekten (Fionn Mögel, Wasfy Taha)

In 2006, JOI Design as a young architecture office documented that "Forever Young” was at the core of their passion and career choice. “I wanted to develop something beautiful in full serenity and then present it as a perfect solution. That is why I became an interior designer”, says Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk.

“Since, besides artistic affinities, I also have natural scientific and technical inclinations, interior design studies were not only a good compromise, but an opportunity for perfect self-realization in the profession itself”, says Peter Joehnk.

Now, 12 years later, they are excited by the work of their young 'godchildren': “I especially appreciate Querkopf Architekten for their handling of the interior architectural concept. Their creativity, such as in Noho Club in Hamburg, speaks a clear language and makes a full impression. For me, it is also an important and forward-thinking fact that this building is situated a little ways back from the city and harmoniously surrounded by a nature landscape. Keep it up – I wish you continued success!", said Corinna Kretschmar Joehnk.