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When profession is vocation: designer couple Katrin & Mark Patel


How do you two create such an imaginative range of truly unique and varied designs? Designers typically have a speciality – but you two play with almost all artistic forms of expression, whether it's Art déco, ethno or Bauhaus graphic designs.

We are both passionate about original creations beyond the mainstream, and this means we spur one another on. Mark and I come from two different disciplines and have quite different design passions. Mark is a graphic designer and follows a very clear artistic line. As a textile designer, I love engaging with trends more playfully and implementing them in a completely new artistic way. With the charged dynamic of working together and our intention of creating something holistic, we develop designs that make both of us happy. And that, in turn, results in something truly special – a unique design.


The technical aesthetic quality of each of your designs adds to the variety. As the images show, they "work" exceptionally well in spaces – they are always incredibly stylish.

When creating a design, I always consciously refer to a specific interior design, whether it's ethno or Art déco, for example. My particular instinct for the ambience of a room transports me to a happy place – in my mind, I can visualise rooms with my designs and just know that they will work.


When visualising your designs, do you also take into account the colour palettes – which are unconventional, extremely original and trendy?

The colour palettes depend on how I'm feeling – I aim to convey emotions with the shades I use. I develop my own tones based on contemporary colour trends and topics. I have developed four colour palettes specifically for the FORUM FOR GREAT IDEAS. And, of course, I have taken into account current interiors trends as they call for coherent colour palettes for specific rooms. It is a matter of creating a holistic colour palette for a space.


What is your vision?

We are always surprised and excited when we come across our designs by chance, whether they are carpets from the FREESTILE collection from OBJECT CARPET or wall by patel from A.S. Création – it really makes us smile! This is what we would love to happen with the designs from FORUM FOR GREAT IDEAS – we hope that we come across these designs in lots of different hotels on our travels in years to come. It's a wonderful vision! With FORUM by OBJECT CARPET offering 864 product variants, the probability is high! (laughs)

Kathrin und Mark Patel

"The greatest thing for us is seeing that our designs have been perpetuated/further developed by other designers, architects and interior designers. That the designs are being used in the context that we imagined for them."