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Our sense of hearing is extremely powerful and sensitive. Indeed, it can be said that of our five senses, our sense of hearing is the most sophisticated. Our ears enable us to differentiated between up to 40,000 pitches and to determine which direction they’re coming from. Our ears never sleep or shut down. They’re always on duty and always ready to receive input.

In a world that’s growing ever more cacophonous, noise is undoubtedly the most severe stress factor that we’re exposed to. Psychoacoustics and room-acoustics engineers agree: noise has a major impact on our sense of well-being and our performance levels, both at home and at work. Conversations, phone calls and devices stress us out more than we might think, and rooms where sounds reverberate only intensify the negative effects of these factors. The construction materials used in a given building can either amplify or attenuate the noise that the structure’s users are exposed to.

The prevalence in today’s workplaces of open plan offices requires well planned acoustic space optimization in all types of buildings and spaces, whether they be offices, hotels or stores. Carpeted quiet areas and conference rooms relieve stress on our hearing.

Sparkasse Werra-Meißner, Eschwege © Bernd Kusber Photographie, Bremen
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For the past three years, OBJECT CARPET has been working with the acoustic specialists YDOL to achieve comprehensive room-acoustics planning that factors walls and ceilings into efforts to dampen noise. With its broad range of acoustic design elements and expert services, YDOL, an innovative startup, and the carpet specialist OBJECT CARPET, are making a significant contribution to targeted optimization of room acoustics.


OBJECT CARPET has been cooperating with the acoustics specialist YDOL since 2016 in order to realize holistic room acoustics plans that include ceilings and walls for sound absorption. With a wide range of design acoustic elements and specialist services, the young, innovative company YDOL and the carpet specialist OBJECT CARPET contribute to a targeted optimization of the room acoustics.

In the interest of enhancing the noise attenuation capabilities of carpet still further, OBJECT CARPET has developed a special carpet-underside coating known as BlackThermo®Felt Acoustic Plus. With its most recently launched products such as Gracce and Madra, OBJECT CARPET has outdone itself when it comes to achieving exceptionally high levels of noise absorption and footstep-noise attenuation; and it has achieved this with both broadloom carpet and acoustic plus SL Tiles. With its new self-laying tiles, OBJECT CARPET is setting new economic and ecological standards.

Blackthermo®Filz Akustik Plus backing

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Blackthermo®Filz Akustik Plus