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Be Inspired! Here are some impressive facts about OBJECT CARPET's forward-looking new collection: 22 new products. 88 styles. 1214 colours. Bitumen-free, PVC-free, and latex-free. These are FACTS & INSPIRATIONS! ‘OBJECT CARPET’s aspiration is to design superior spaces – together with our partners. We invest a great deal in R&D and certifications in order to achieve this. After almost six years, we are delighted to present the new generation of carpet and SL tiles. The focus of our comprehensive product portfolio lies on products which do not present any health risk’, says Daniel Butz, Managing Director and owner of OBJECT CARPET. An incredible array of textile innovations and possibilities are available to architects, planers and interior designers. Cutting-edge, eco-friendly, high-quality and with countless new and individual possibilities to combine them and create zones – completely in line with the motto: ‘Shaping Spaces’.

Ready for the show? OBJECT CARPET is. The carpet specialist is currently touring through Germany’s major cities with its ‘Young – Younger – Forever Young’ roadshow. For the travelling exhibition, young, trendy architecture firms were nominated to realise their ideas about textile spaces using their favoured carpets. The world premiere of the new FACTS & INSPIRATIONS collection brings visions to the floor and points the way to the future with its numerous innovations.

What makes the current collection so special? All OBJECT CARPET styles are free from harmful emissions and are bitumen-free, latex-free, and PVC-free. They bear the German Federal Environmental Agency’s Blue Angel ecolabel. They also bind dust particles and are suitable for people who suffer from allergies (certified by TÜV, Germany’s Technical Inspection Association). Thanks to the BlackThermo®Felt Acoustics Plus back-coating, very good acoustics can become even better. Dust particles are reduced, footstep sound is absorbed and the room’s spatial acoustics improved. Qualities that are sure to delight ears and noses alike.

The current designs include loop piles and cut piles as well as shags and flat weaves. They were developed based on innovative techniques and yarn structures whose modern features are sure to please: for example, most products come with ‘OC Protect’ and therefore offer dirt, dust and liquid repellent action.

Planners have a wide selection of designs and structures at their fingertips: from unicolour creations which subtly highlight a room’s features and cut pile classics that pick up on current trends, to eye-catching designs such as PLACES OF ORIGIN.

An extensive range of SL-Tiles

In addition to emphasising consumer health, another important aspect of the ‘new generation’ is its diverse range of tiles. 48 styles with a total of 304 different colour variations are also available as SL-tiles. The self-laying tiles come in the classic 50 x 50 cm format and boast the same positive product characteristics as the carpets.

Unlimited creative freedom thanks to a mix of broadloom, SL-Tiles and RUGX

The focus is on the endless design possibilities since OBJECT CARPET's SL-Tiles, carpets and customised rugs can be combined however you wish. ‘In doing so, we take account of the growing trend towards individualisation and creating zones in new workspaces’, says Managing Director Daniel Butz. The height of the tiles and carpets can be matched which makes planning and designing ‘Shaping Spaces’ noticeably easier and more sophisticated. The tiles are also up to 1.5 kg lighter, easy to cut thanks to the flexible back-coating, and simple to handle.

Environmental sustainability is coded in the company’s DNA

‘For us, health and the environment are much more than buzzwords; they are integral to our requirements’, asserts Daniel Butz. OBJECT CARPET promotes sustainability – with every fibre. The new generation of carpet yarns not only boasts impressive product qualities, it also has a much better life-cycle assessment. For example, products made using Aquafil’s ECONYL® yarn are created from post-consumer waste that has been 100% recycled, even regenerated. This waste includes spent fishing nets, old carpet and fabric scraps. Yesterday’s rubbish is today’s resource-friendly high-tech fibre. See how OBJECT CARPET puts it to use.

PLACES OF ORIGIN – highlight made of 100% recycled ECONYL® yarn

The highlight of the new 2018 collection is PLACES OF ORIGIN: eight carpet styles inspired by nature and made using 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn. All products are made in Germany, are of uncompromisingly high quality, designed in-house, and focus consistently on eco-friendly principles.

Definitely durable and easy to care for – ANTRON® carpet fibre

Aside from ECONYL® yarn, OBJECT CARPET also uses sturdy and durable ANTRON® carpet fibre, which is popular in the commercial property sector above all thanks to its performance, aesthetics and durability. It offers a wide range of fibre strengths, gloss levels and colour versions, guaranteed to do the job. To ensure this, ANTRON® is subject to the strict certification process of the ANTRON® Brand Performance Standards Program and is guaranteed to be long lasting.

Look and feel – strong marketing support

OBJECT CARPET is proud to present the entire world of FACTS & INSPIRATIONS in an elaborately designed marketing package. A 200-page catalogue with emotive pictures by Natascha Sanwald (design) and Andreas Hoernisch (photography) showcases the collection’s carpet possibilities. Furthermore, View Books now replace the atlases and provide an overview of all styles in a convenient format. The Colour Books present the complete colour palette as well as other details. Now available in a handy format and with numerous extras.

Experience FACTS & INSPIRATIONS at the ‘Young – Younger – Forever Young’ roadshow from 26 October to 30 November 2017. Here are the dates:

  • 26.10 Stuttgart
  • 02.11 Hamburg
  • 14.11 Munich
  • 23.11 Dusseldorf
  • 28.11 Berlin
  • 30.11 Frankfurt a. M.

Facts and Inspirations about stylish carpet design by OBJECT CARPET are also available in showrooms in Germany (Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig and Stuttgart), Switzerland (Zurich) and Austria (Salzburg and Vienna).


Yvonne Schumacher
Marketing Director