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The clientele of OBJECT CARPET reads like a Who’s-Who of the top-class brand world: Porsche, Joop, Karl Lagerfeld, Rolex, Adidas and Microsoft – famous cult labels stand by (and on) OBJECT CARPET. The sustainable carpets and floor coverings impress with more than just a remarkable lifecycle balance, enormous durability and long lifespan, they also feature innovative design. At the same time, they continue to offer creative freedom when it comes to assembling an individual look. With this current COLOR OPINIONS concept, the design brand from Stuttgart is showing how much potential there is in fashioning eye-catching floors. For this it combines different worlds of colors and styles with impressive materials to construct aesthetic inspirations.

Extensive trend-scouting and monitoring process to find new ideas
Whether it’s open living areas, presentations in hotels, at operas and museums or modern open-space offices, zones in shops and restaurant concepts with a cult factor – the flooring plays an increasingly important role in interior design. With the trend collection COLOR OPINIONS, OBJECT CARPET is expanding its product range, offering architects, specialised dealers and consumers a pool of inspiration with current colors and materials.

Working with the color designers Livia Baum and Jutta Werner from the color and trend agency zukunftStil, an extensive trend-scouting and monitoring process has resulted in an innovative collection with fascinating color and trend worlds. All 1,200 styles and colors from OBJECT CARPET were scouted on a scientific basis, clustered, prioritised and transferred into three exciting style worlds in terms of trends. An additional 15 contemporary colors in five popular styles were developed to reflect trends even more precisely and offer more options.

All new trend colors are also available as broadlooms and RUGX, with a large part available as acoustic tiles. These innovations continue to inspire exciting looks for creative interior design in the office, hotel, living or retail sector.

Three style worlds construct an individual creative universe
Three key topics crystallised from the scientific analysis of macro-trends: “health & sustainability”, “trust & value” and “digitisation & slowing down”.

NATURAL CONTRAST, for example, focuses on a natural look with a mix of clear freshness and cultural contrasts. Authentic, harmonious and textured, colors such as lilac, cream, soft yellow, mint green and brick red evoke a sensual but also activating atmosphere in the space. It is ideal in combination with sustainable materials such as textiles, wood, plaster surfaces, rattan, wicker and wool.

Trust, individuality and value are embodied by INTENSIVE GRACE. Velvety, elegant and expressive, berry hues, cashmere and dark blue meet marble, terrazzo, colored glass or brass. Here the dark colors and intensive maximalism compose a new form of luxury.

With smart, clear and subtle hues, SOFT MINIMALISM gets to the heart of the third trend. Delicate, light chalk colors and a clear, minimalist design create a connection between people and digitisation. Light, calming and pure: When light blue, colorful greys and soft olive interweave with granite, marble, wood, linen and concrete, this generates a spherical expansiveness that unites different levels of space.

Five ways to style your floors in a free and personal manner
This certainly doesn’t cover the whole range of combinations. On the contrary: together with zukunftStil, OBJECT CARPET has developed additional options for each trend world. Five room atmospheres, each distinguished by unique color schemes and characteristics, round out the creative potential and raise the possibilities to a whole new level. When they are used with a wide range and mix of materials, they achieve distinct spatial effects that can be used in any kind of work, home and sales environment. RE:GENERATE, for example, stands for relaxation, mindfulness and balance. This inspires you to recharge energy and strength through a design with subtle contrasts and soft hues. If you value clarity and elegance, PURE:LINE is the natural choice. OPEN:SPACE is the perfect way to achieve open space concepts. It is ideal for creative islands, retreats and cosy communication areas. With sophisticated color concepts, surfaces and floor designs, WE:WORK also creates an optimal work atmosphere. Stimulating, vibrant settings can also be achieved with BE:CREATE. It’s unconventional, sparkling and informal.

Visual and tactile inspiration for designing rooms
Thinking in colors, discovering trend worlds and exploring materials – this is both an incentive and a passion for OBJECT CARPET. With over 1,200 styles and colors, the premium label for floor covering captivates with its unique variety in modern interior design. The 15 completely new COLOR OPINIONS trend colors from the three style worlds add even more variety to the range. They are presented smartly and clearly with sample applications in the Trend Booklet and Trend View Book. Both can be ordered at Because carpet is a sensory experience, it wants to be felt, sensed and touched. This is exactly what is possible in the “Creative Space” of the OBJECT CAMPUS, the headquarters of OBJECT CARPET. Here visitors can experience the styles, colors and materials in person, create their own moodboards and get creative at the highest level. To this end, the label has compiled a unique material database with Raumprobe Stuttgart. Whether vinyl, lacquer, wallpaper or stone, textiles, glass, plastics or laminated materials – there are no limits to the imagination. More than 300 different surfaces and patterns invite the creation of personal collages and numerous atmospheres.


Yvonne Schumacher
Press Director