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Laying the foundation for workspaces of the future – with carpet tiles from OBJECT CARPET at the WorkInn of Siemens City Vienna

As part of the Siemens City in Vienna, the WorkInn is the product of a collaboration between the business consultancy M.O.O.CON, the interior design firm SCHÖNSTIL and Siemens Real Estate (SRE). The concept of the co-working space revolves around the principle of activity-based working. A wide range of different work options are customized for individual preferences. The employees have been actively integrated in the process of dividing the workspaces into three zones: during a two-week phase, the work processes were successively analyzed and they made strategic decisions on how the environment can be efficiently adapted to their needs and requirements. The main “Collaborate” zone as well as the “Focus” and “Retreat” areas emerged from the resulting profiles. The “Collaborate” zone is the active core of the office concept – where the design turns in-person or virtual meetings and gatherings into an extraordinary experience.

To maximize the functional added value of the indoor spaces, the interior designer Yvonne Meindl-Cavar selected carpet styles from OBJECT CARPET. The individuality of the work zones is reflected in the floor design with carpet tiles from the FORUM FOR GREAT IDEAS collection. This singularity is expressed not only by the custom format of the floor covering but also by its appearance: The diversity of designs, color shades and styles enables a flexible coordination with different needs and requirements – for maximum creative leeway. The carpet tiles FORUM VELOURS MILEY 1003 and FORUM VELOURS JANE 0601 harmoniously complement the nature theme of the interior design.

In its work on the project, the interior design firm SCHÖNSTIL chose appealing natural elements and leaf motifs to decorate the spaces. The color scheme of the premises is created by fusing natural and bright tones, which lends a fresh touch to the overall look.

The FORUM VELOURS MILEY 1003 cut pile carpet tile impresses with its vibrant botanical pattern. The large-scale design appeals to the senses and celebrates the alleged imperfection of the natural world. With its jungle-like design, the FORUM VELOURS JANE 0601 cut pile carpet tile also gives the spaces a dynamic and vitalizing touch. Both carpet styles consist of high-quality cut pile and stand out with their resilient and durable properties. Moreover, they can be used in variable ways for classic and modern interior styles. Free of harmful substances, the WELLTEX® backing of all FORUM styles guarantees optimal spatial acoustics.

The WorkInn project is currently still in a review phase: this gives employees the opportunity to thoroughly put the co-working space to the test. In a next step, the plan is to also open the WorkInn to customers and guests – it has already been converted into a semi-public space.

Owners: Siemens AG Austria
Interior designers: Schönstil, Yvonne Meindl Cavar
Photographs: Philipp Lipiarski

© Philipp Lipiarski | ACOUSTIC TILE FORUM VELOURS JANE 0601 The CYLAab with the FORUM JANE tile in an urban jungle look perfect conditions for working together creatively.
© Philipp Lipiarski | ACOUSTIC TILE FORUM VELOURS MILEY 1003 By suggesting an excursion into the botanical world, the work area with the MILEY 1003 tile design creates a comfortable and soothing atmosphere to work on topics alone or with others on short notice.
© Philipp Lipiarski | ACOUSTIC TILE FORUM VELOURS MILEY 1003 The focus lounge with MILEY 1003 tiles, a quiet place for concentrated work under the best conditions.

Yvonne Schumacher
Press Director

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