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Color your life – 90 trendy down-to-earth color combinations

To create areas with different moods, style concepts or an individual lifestyle ambience – choosing the right carpeting requires sophisticated understanding. The challenge is to design a large floor area so that it feels exactly right. Both for the space, its purpose, and for the people that use it. The Stuttgart based specialists for high quality designer carpets and floor coverings has developed COLOR OPINIONS to create “recipes” for sophisticated combinations of colors and textures. They have worked with color designers Livia Baum and Jutta Werner from the colour and trends consultancy zukunftStil – following an extensive process of trend scouting and monitoring – to create a collection with distinctively appealing combinations of colors and trends. The concept was such a success that one year after the launch, OBJECT CARPET is now announcing an exciting product update and a design tool for planners and consultants. 

Three style concepts, each with 16 innovative colors and available in a range of different carpet types, bring a playful creativity to the floor and respond to the latest design ideas. “We are seeing three strong trends,” says Livia Baum, of the agency zukunftStil. These centre on ideas like “feeling good, slowing down and authenticity”, and are interpreted with natural colors and materials in the NATURAL CONTRAST style range. At the same time, the fast-paced digital world is becoming ever more integrated into our lives. This is represented by SOFT MINIMALISM, which is characterised by soft, light, pastel colors alongside contrasting smart colors and sensitive surface textures. Parallel to this, there is a growing “longing for optimism”. This feeling is reflected in INTENSIVE GRACE, which features intensive colour shades. Echoes of the well-known baroque, art nouveau and art deco periods meet elegant maximalism in velvety, sophisticated and expressive designs. Each of the style concepts also comprises individual mood zones for various application areas – BE:CREATE, WE:WORK, RE:GENERATE, OPEN:SPACE and PURE:LINE – taking into account the different types of space and the desired effect. Now with 15 new trending colors in five different textile types.

An impressive diversity, which OBJECT CARPET presents neatly and accessibly through an outstanding design tool: in addition to their new trend booklet, view book and sets of mood board drawers for showrooms, a new guide serves as a working tool for planners and architects, providing inspiration and input for combinations of colors and materials. In a handy 100x180 mm format, it gives new inspirations on 40 pages with 90 concrete colour recipes, structured according to room atmospheres, trend worlds and the desired effect. There are options to suit any preference – richly contrasting, accented or all one shade in different styles. This is the kind of thing it can do: a customer wants to equip his office space in an expressive, high-quality design. The consultant knows exactly how to go about this and where to find vivid approaches. On the COLOR OPINIONS guide in the trend world Intensive Grace on the WE:WORK page, he finds suggestions for concrete material combinations and carpets for a working environment that promote concentration, communication and effectiveness. For meeting rooms on the other side that are intended to strengthen creativity, he can find suggestions with activating colors and unconventional materials on the pages Intensive Grace BE:CREATE. Thus, the consulting tool recommends a selection of the latest available, suitable floor coverings, selected from over 1000 carpet types and colour shades. OBJECT CARPET’s COLOR OPINIONS tool presents a high-quality combination of colors and materials at a glance.

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Yvonne Schumacher
Press Director

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