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A new era for OBJECT CARPET


The MANUFAKTUR brand is a symbol in luxury carpets for residential and commercial buildings. For this brand, only the finest materials – including pure silk and wool – are used. The carpets are characterised by timeless elegance and natural resistance.


Traditional and still modern

For centuries, a carpet made of fine natural materials was much more than just a protection against cold. It was a special object of value and made a statement as a singular design element. With its MANUFAKTUR brand, OBJECT CARPET references these traditional and long-established elements and transfers the artistry of the carpet tradition into the modern age. Since the year 2015, this brand has reflected a respect for nature through selection of ecological materials and the high-quality craftsmanship, as well as in its created colours.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of pure silk. Each carpet is a handmade, individual item with natural colour and structural irregularities, giving the carpet its unique and valuable character. Silk is a natural raw material traditionally used only in textiles of the highest quality.

Whether in small rooms or large interiors, light sources make PURE SILK a lively design element. The fine fibre structure refracts the light and make the carpet shimmer. Depending on the angle, the delicate material coruscates in different hues – from brilliant to sensual, from bright to mysterious. This visual effect is typical for silk carpets and emphasises a sense of natural elegance.

With its shining surface, PURE SILK creates a special emotional effect in the room. PURE SILK impresses not only with its graceful appearance, but also with its amazing durability. In exclusive colours available in both broadloom and individually bordered RUGX, PURE SILK is a stunning eye-catcher. In this way, the silk carpets open up a variety of possibilities to enrich building interiors.

The PURE WOOL brand means a reduction to the essential. This brand combines a timeless elegance with long-lasting comfort. Made from pure virgin wool – a high-quality, naturally renewable and biodegradable raw material – these carpets create a comfortable and quiet ambience in your room, making you feeling right at home.

This material features a tangible naturalness. Thanks to its moisture regulating effect, it naturally breathes and gives your room a warm and pleasant climate. Wool has always been highly appreciated for its durability. The special structure and constitution of wool fibre ensures excellent elasticity and give. Thanks to a careful and gentle dying technology, the natural protective coating of wool survives.

Like silk, wool is an environmentally friendly raw material. Thus, its use also makes sense from an ecological point of view. In terms of aesthetics, PURE WOOL represents a naturally warm elegance. PURE WOOL offers great freedom of design, both as broadloom and individually fitted rugs available in soft hues.

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