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MIA Vamil tax programme supports environmentally friendly assets - sustainability pays off in the Netherlands

Design, sustainability and health – these values have already shaped OBJECT CARPET for over 50 years. The premium manufacturer from Denkendorf near Stuttgart specialises in carpet designs and resolutely focuses on ecological and health-conscious aspects in its production. This commitment is receiving active support from the Dutch government. It carried out testing on OBJECT CARPET products for the MIA Vamil tax programme and had some good news to report: The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) currently recognises 30 products in various colour and design qualities as a particularly eco-friendly investment and thus provides financial benefits.

The agency is part of the Ministry of Economy and cooperates with governments, knowledge centres, international organisations and numerous partners domestically and abroad. “It’s a special honour for us that the independent Dutch authorities actually created a new category with the highest sustainability rating for our innovative Niaga®technology,” explains Daniel Butz, CEO of OBJECT CARPET. Together with the Dutch company Niaga®, the carpet experts developed a completely recyclable and health-promoting carpet that stands out with its innovative design, can be routed into the ecologic cycle and boasts an infinite number of lifecycles.

Ecologically significant research and trend-setting “green deals,” as the Dutch government calls them, will get an even bigger boost thanks to the MIA Vamil tax incentive programme. This programme comprises two parts: the environmental investment subsidy (MIA), where up to 45% of the investment costs can be deducted from the taxable profit and the environmental investment depreciation scheme (Vamil). Here companies have the option of writing off the investment costs 75% over 5 years, or 75% all at once (the remaining 25% can be written off using the standard existing method). This translates into significant benefits for the customers of OBJECT CARPET. They can take advantage of both MIA and Vamil benefits. For the product POODLE as an example, the subsidies pay off with a 36% investment allowance (MIA) plus 75% flexible depreciation (Vamil) in cash.

Through this the Dutch government is creating incentives for investing in environmentally friendly operating resources and products. With a total of over 1,000 styles and colours, as well as individually customised products, OBJECT CARPET offers a unique product diversity for modern interior design, manufactured from high-quality raw materials. All OBJECT CARPET flooring is made in Germany – and also free of bitumen, latex, PVC and harmful emissions. It bears the “Blue Angel” ecolabel of the German Federal Environment Agency, is tested by TÜV and ideal for people with allergies.

VELAA - Fotocredit: OBJECT CARPET | ©Andreas Hoernisch Photographie
RUGXSTYLE MARAKESH 012 | © patel kommunikative inszenierung
RUGXSTYLE ABERDEEN 0321 | © patel kommunikative inszenierung
FREESTILE ABERDEEN 1001 | © patel kommunikative inszenierung
FREESTILE HELSINKI 0168 | © patel kommunikative inszenierung
NEWCON 1852 - Fotocredit: OBJECT CARPET | ©Andreas Hoernisch Photographie
FUSION 5122 - Fotocredit: OBJECT CARPET | ©Andreas Hoernisch Photographie

Yvonne Schumacher
Press Director

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